For high-rise leak detection, Northern Beaches Rope Access will thoroughly investigate the source
of water penetration into your building, not just put another silicone bead around your window

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Leak Detection and Repair

Using specialist rope access techniques and strong anchor points, we work quickly and safely to detect leaks in places that others can’t access.  We’re a friendly team, always clearing our workspace at the end of the day so no equipment is left to disrupt business as usual.

How does the water leak detection process work?

We have years of experience serving Sydney, so we can confidently say that no job is a surprise for us. Our leak repairs process starts out with a leak detection. We come to your property, examine it and give you a straightforward analysis of the situation. A leak could be due to a roof leak or a gutter leak, among other factors. We are a says it how it is team, so you will know exactly what’s wrong, how we are going to fix it and how much it’s going to cost. Once you’ve taken the call to go with us, we then provide you with a cost estimate, timelines and all necessary information.

Leak Detection and Repair

Ask for a detailed maintenance Report ...

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What You Get

01 Leak Detection Professionals

We don't just turn up on time, we prioritise your High Rise Leak Detection and Repair. Our team of dedicated and certified rope access technicians provide expert and experienced leak detection services to Sydney's tall buildings. As Sydney's difficult access specialists, we have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to provide leak detection and repair services for any situation.

02 Quality rope access window cleaning Leak Detection

Northern Beaches Rope Access high rise leak detection team is experienced and prides itself on being able to get the job done thoroughly and safely, while still maintaining attention to detail and sparkling results.

03 Detailed Report

We get your job done efficiently, effectively and will follow up with you to make sure you are aware of any other issues or concerns we see that may require maintenance to prevent long term problems. We also are happy and send an annual reminder to co-ordinate another clean if you are happy with our services. To the left is a sample maintenance report. If you would like one of these as part of your leak detection job... just let us know

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